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*burp* excuse me

It was a clear, cloudless night. The stars are hiding. The moon brightly lit. After my shift from work, I meet up with my RANDL family/siblings – Mario (Mom), Ner (Big Sister), Jowin (Big Brother) and Francois (Neighbour/Big Brother), at Banchetto near the place where I was located at work.

banchetto - photo from

It was my first time in Banchetto and it was food haven! Crepe, cakes, sweets, on this side; barbeque, hotdogs, street foods like kwek-kwek, fishballs and kikkiam filed on stick in the other side; fresh fruits and shakes on the far end; green mangoes with shirmp paste (bagoong), shawarma, nachos, burgers and other grilled treats in that corner! Wow! I had 2 rounds of kwek-kwek , grilled hotdog, nachos, avocado shake, I got a piece of Mario’s chocolate cake, I got a piece of cheese sticks with jalapeno from Jowin and I think 3 or 4 rounds of green mangoes with bagoong. There was a designated area where people can dine and enjoy their food.

While munching on our yummy goodies, Jowin introduced us to kokology. Kokology is Japanese psychology from the work kokoro meaning mind. He purchased a book about it. The book contains scenarios or events that serve as the question, then you are to answer by the given choices or through freeform. You are then evaluated – personality, sexual characteristics and how others perceive yourself, by the book depending on your answer. We had a great time running through the scenarios that we did not notice the time. Francois is on night shift so he had to leave early, but for the rest of us, we continued our chit-chat at Starbucks. We had the signature choco drink, iced, and the stories that seemed like your forever topics when you get together never fails to complete your conversations and makes you laugh. It seems like decades but I’ve just seen these guys last week! I missed them already! Anyway, we went home with stomach super full and smile on our faces; we even have pet names, well Ner and Mario started them – taballacorta, tabs, tabasantos, and they’ve given me one – taba-nayo**, which I don’t accept 😛

**the word “taba” was affixed to our surnames; taba meaning fat

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