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My Monday Surprise! ^_^

Monday, the first day of the week, marks another 9-hr work-week… ohhh Monday *sigh*

But Mondays can be fun and exciting! 😛 Just like my Monday today 😀 hihi! Got a nice surprise! ^_^

There I was, thinking of the tasks that I will be doing but got exhausted just thinking about them, *hihi* then an instant message came from Te Ner, I got a gift! 🙂

Aldo Bag from Ner and Jowin 🙂 weeeee <3

I like! THANK YOU VERY MUCH TE NER and JOWIN! It was an unexpected, great surprise! 🙂 super sweet 🙂 love it! <3 This Monday is exceptionally special because we got to out for lunch – my teammates – Robert and Steven 😀 It is a very rare occasion that we got to go out for lunch so it is somewhat out of the ordinary for us! 😛

We ate at The Old Spaghetti House. We ordered a group dish – TRIO 4 (Italian) that is good for 2-3 persons. Plus we got a free dessert platter when we answered a survey! 😀 Our tummies are sooo full 😀 and that made me sleepy 😛 haha!

Have a Happy Monday Everyone! Good Vibes to all! Happy Week to All!

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