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Is probably the most popular sport in the Philippines.
Every curve in the street you can see makeshift basketball rings, kids shooting hoops barefoot or with their worn out tsinelas (slippers). Kids or kids alike love playing basketball.
My husband, when we started dating, said that his first love is basketball (not sure if it is a good or bad thing, at least, I know that I might get cheated on by basketball :P).
He still gets to play from time to time. On weekends, as soon that he opens his eyes, he’ll turn on the TV and tune in to the basketball channel. So at times, basketball is my enemy 😛
I know of the sport before but I don’t really like to watch it. But having to live with someone who “worships” the sport, you’ll learn to live with it too.
I may say, I enjoy watching basketball live rather than on TV. It’s fascinating how fans react and cheer and I like seeing the players in person.

We watched the PBA Game last Sunday. GlobalPort vs Star HotShots and Ginebra vs Alaska.

GlobalPort vs Star Hotshots #2016PBAGovernorsCup

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I wager with Cris that if Ginebra wins, I’ll treat him for dinner and vice versa.
4th Quarter, 94 All! Overtime!
I have a free dinner this week 😉

109-100 Alaska-Ginebra Sulit! 2 games parehong overtime #2016PBAGovernorsCup #pbasuperballsunday

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