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Monday Craft

Watercolor Calligraphy

Learning something new is exciting, fun and a bit confusing (for me) at times 😛

Calligraphy is gaining popularity nowadays. It’s nothing new but who wouldn’t want to see fancy lettering on your wedding invites or logo. I often see quotes arranged in artistic lettering in my feed and I want to learn how to do that 😛
I check Pinterest and tried to buy a brush pen to get me started. I did not know that there are so many tools available for writing/calligraphy. I never thought that there are so many kinds of brushes, pens and brush pens! But that did not get me anywhere :p

Feeling a little artsy-fartsy, I did not pass the chance and signed-up in our company sponsored workshop – Basic Watercolor Calligraphy. I wanted to learn and I did not have second thoughts about it 🙂

art.ticulate lead the class. She thought us types of mixtures, watercolor techniques, strokes and drills. She taught us basic lettering and my favorite – the rose 🙂
They say that watercoloring/lettering is therapeutic, but I did not feel that way – at first 😛

With my sweaty, firm-gripped hands, I was able to produce this “masterpiece” and I did not expect to be selected as one of the top works of the class!

Watercolor Calligraphy

Thank you art.ticulate and Accent on Technology Women group for arranging this activity!

I hope to still continue to improve and practice, practice, practice! 😉

Grabbed these photos from art.ticulate’s account:

The moment when you discover technology. Welcome to the present.

A photo posted by Larriza Castro (@art.ticulate) on

Visit art.ticulate‘s IG account and sign-up on her next class! ❤️

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