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gotta catch em all!

This week, my favorite-gradeschool-gameboy-game came to life! Just by downloading the Pokémon GO App, you can catch pocket monsters everywhere!

I have been seeing the screen-capture of my friends in social media about the pokémons that they have caught and stuff.

I finally gave in and hopped on the Pokémon bandwagon! HAHA!

I caught my first Pokémon! Bulbasaur!
I saw him near our TV! HAHA!

my first pokémon

The app is pretty cool that you get to experience the journey of becoming a Pokémon Master. But we need to make sure that when we are on our ‘journey’ we must ensure our safety first 😉

Still getting used to the game and can’t wait to see my Bulbasaur evolve! *bulba bulbasaur!*

Perhaps, if I were a Pokémon, I’ll be called #curlysaur!? HAHA!

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