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Looking Back to 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Cayagos. New Year’s spent with my husband’s family. (Photo from Cris Cayago)

Holidays are over and most of us will be back to reality tomorrow – work!
The year has just started and we are excited on what our plans for the new year are. We look ahead – armed with our new planners, making our resolutions and thinking/claiming what the new year will bring us. But we also look back and see what our 2016 was like; did we meet our goals last year, what are the moments that made significance to us, or what did I do last year?

With the convenience of technology and cellphone applications, we can easily look back and reminisce on our 2016 “bests”. We have #2016bestnine! To generate your our #2016bestnine, go to this site – Then provide your Instagram user name (make sure that your profile is public). Then in a few seconds/minutes, the site will create a collage of your top 9 most liked posts of 2016. You will also see the number of posts and likes that you received for the year. To save the collage, tap and hold and save the image! Share your 2016 best!

Here’s what I got – I posted 101 pictures on my Instagram that received 518 likes.

my #2016bestnine

What’s your 2016 like? Try this out and see 😉

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