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Our first step as parents

@ 7 months (30 weeks) with BBZ

We are getting serious 😉

Early last week, I found a free class via Instagram about Mommy and Baby Care and I did not pass on the opportunity to register. Good thing several slots were opened that we were able to sign-up for the class!

It was a gloomy, rainy Saturday morning but I was able to get up early even if I have been feeling under the weather last week and well… sluggish. It’s a 3-hr workshop and started at 9AM. We were about 10 minutes late when we arrived at the venue. Good thing the class just started.

On our way to class, I was expecting that since it is a workshop/class; there will be sharing from the participants, which I am afraid of because Cris and I are a bit mahiyain 😛 , and I’m really looking forward on the learnings that we could get about baby care specially.

The class was sponsored by Cycles and Cradle. Cycles is a mild detergent for babies and Cradle is natural baby bottle and nipple cleansers and toy and surface cleaners. The brand is free from toxic chemicals. They are made of natural components that are safe for babies. Aside from the detergent and cleansers, they also have Cycles Sensitive – head-to-toe wash and lotion, insect repellants and even diaper cream.

The first part of the session was a 1.5 hrs lecture about Mommy Proofing by Coach Joy. Coach Joy Dejos is a certified Energy Management Coach. She talked about Post Partum Emotional Disorder. Truthfully, I have not really made much thought about PPD until this class. I know there’s this disorder but have not really given any thought about it; and if it can happen to me – which really scared me 😛 I know it was only an introductory to the subject of PPD but the information was a bit overwhelming – well for me.

The session really helped, it opened the subject to me and there are a lot of things to ponder about the subject – I mean, IT IS a really serious matter that we should not brush off as PPD is the most frequent medical complication of childbirth. I do not want to be a burden to anyone and be a danger to my child. The greatest gift that we could give to our children is to be healthy, happy and well-adjusted. Motherhood is a unique experience to every individual; so we can’t say that this method that worked for Mommny A will also work for Mommy B. So better to be prepared and conscious.

With the birth of a child, a mommy is also born.”; so mommy’s should not take themselves for granted. It is okay to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of your little one. Changes do come with pregnancy, aside from the physical attribute, you should also look into the changes that you are having, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And did you know that moms-to-be’s brain shrinks 5% in prenatal period! Whoa! You are giving a lot as a mom, so better put yourself first at times.

The second part of the class was Baby Care by Nurse Joyce. Nurse Joyce Ann Martinez is a lactation consultant. From the “heavy” subject from the first part of the session, I say that I really enjoyed this class because of it’s “light”, fun approach. For this part, Nurse Joyce talked and demoed about the proper Carrying, Burping, Bathing, Changing Diapers, Cord Care, Swaddling of Babies and Infant Massage. She shared tips about the Swoosh and Sway Technique, KFC – Kangaroo Father Care, I LOVE YOU Technique and even shared about her take on circumcision after birth.

Nurse Joyce

Wow! The 3-hour class was really great and helpful to Cris and I. Other moms and dads-to-be who attended seemed to also enjoyed the class 🙂 It was a great venue to learn and get a glimpse of what we are getting ourselves into 😛 AND no forced sharing from the participants which is super great! 😀

Aside from this Saturday class being free, they also provided snacks and freebies! They also gave 15% discount on Cycles and Cradle products!


The class was sponsored by Cycles and Cradle (as I have stated above) and was hosted by The Parenting Emporium. Through TPE’s IG post, I was able to learn about this awesome class; Super Thank You!

charming set-up inside The Parenting Emporium shop

It was an eye-opening Saturday for us! I’m still scared and excited for what lies in about 2 months time 😛 I hope I was able to absorb and remember what was discussed in the lectures – before my brain shrinks 😛

For other mommies that would like to take these kinds of workshops, follow:

The Parenting Emporium

Coach Joy Dejos

Nurse Joyce Martinez

Cycles and Cradle


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