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Snowy Crafts

I received a sweet little surprise from Abs and Mapet last Friday, March 10 – snowy flower by snowycraftsph.
It’s delicately packaged with a special note – “para sa Ilaw ng Tahanan” (Light of the home; not sure if I correctly translated it 😛 but it usually denotes “mother”).

What is Snowy Flower?

These are real flowers – a type of chrysanthemum that is processed using frosting technology to sustain the softness and moisture of the flower.

Snowy flowers do not fade or die if you don’t water it more than a month or two. It requires minimal water supply and can survive with minimal air humidity.

Tips on taking care of Snowy Flower:

  • Water (aim for the petals) 1-2 times a week.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Don’t close the jar/container when flowers are still wet to avoid mold formation.
  • Interested in having your own Snowy Flower? Check them out:


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