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Almost Surprise Baby Shower

So last week, Cris kept bugging me to list down the baby essentials that we need for BBZ, yep; I’m on my 8th month and we haven’t bought anything for ze baby 😛
He said that he’ll help me out with the list, but as it turned out (well, I expected it); Cris slept while I do the research and the list – HAHA!
Then he said that we will start to buy the baby needs by March 21, Tuesday. And then what got me confused is that he’s inviting me for dinner at Warung restaurant in Kapitolyo. I wondered, how will we buy baby things if we’re at Kapitolyo? Hmmm, I started to suspect something…

March 21 came, we went to Warung and at our disappointment, there’s no table available. We waited for almost an hour and the attendant practically driven us out because there’ s still no table available, they are hosting an event and they’re open until 9PM only. Hungry and irritated that I am, we transferred to another place – Rub Ribs.

So Cris asked for about 10 seater table (it got me thinking again, why the hell do we need 10-seater-table?). I was still irritated AND hungry from waiting on Warung when we came in to Rub Rib. I just calmed down when I started taking in food 😛

As we start our dinner, we received a green mango shake. The attendant said that someone gave it to us. I thought, who’ll give us free green mango shake? Then we received a small feeding bottle and diaper. HAHA!
So this confirmed my suspicion 😛

It was a touching and thoughtful gesture 🙂 Thank you friends for the ALMOST SURPRISE Baby Shower for BBZ! Thank you for showering your love and gifts for our little chubby baby 😛

Gifts for BBZ ❤️

Thank you Tita Joan for the baby shirts and receiving blanket 😘
Thank you Tita Eds for the sweet dedication and baby supplies – cradle baby bottle and nipple cleanser, K-MOM Wipes, teether set, baby bath and shampoo, cotton buds and nappy cream 😘
Thank you Tito Etcu, Tita CJ, Tita Renelle and Tito F for the sterilizer 😘
Thank you Tita Jackie for the mango shake and baby clothes set – onesies, mittens, booties and bonnet 😘

Thank you Rub Ribs Kapitolyo for letting us stay a little longer and for the free “birthday” pancakes with ice cream – THIS got me surprised! 😘

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