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Ann Banayo-Cayago Anntutay, Anntuts, Anntot – is a weird fickle-minded person. She is usually seen in jeans, shirt, sneakers and her hair pulled up. She’s an IT Professional who loves anime, water, travelling, outdoors, mountain climbing, running, dancing, eating out, sleeping and chilling at home. Her favorite pastime during weekends is hibernating and watching TV series and movies. In a few weeks time, she and Cris will be first time parents to BBZ 😉

She started blogging in 2007 using her own domain – Her posts are usually about her day-to-day activities and experiences, thoughts, feelings; much like her online journal. She joined the bandwagon of bloggers because that was the “in” thing that time – in short, gaya-gaya si Anntuts! (Ann just copied what everybody was doing :P) Although it has been years, Ann never thought that writing is one of her strengths. Although, writing really helps in releasing/conveying what she feels or thinks; blogging is also a great way of documenting what’s happening in her life. So forgive her if she is not making any sense or her grammar and construction of sentences/paragraphs are all jumbled 😛

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